Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Food from the Fair

Pertaining to my previous post, I have taken the liberty to snap a few photos of our small platter that I made up on Saturday. A little over a week ago, Bela and I went to a craft fair on Bundek (a park here in Zagreb) which was filled with various different types of delicacies among other things. That is where we got our cheese and sausage , which we have been dining on since.
The cheeses were homemade and consisted of several different kinds. We ended up with 2 made from cows milk (1 had red peppers and the other made from nettle) and 1 made of goats milk, which was divided into 4 sections (smoked, red pepper, dill, and plain). The prices alone for them were a bargain: 30 kunas each for the first 2 and 80 kunas for the sampler. The sausage, which resembled the taste of pepperoni, were foot long links for 13 kunas a piece, so we purchased 2.
Needless to say, we have been spoiled with our new found foods and the only regret that I have, is that we did not buy more. That and the Velebitsko is all gone as well. And now that the fair is over, and the vendors have gone, we have begun a search to find these delectables again. Until I can savor the flavors once again, savoring the memory of them will have to suffice.

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