Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day of Good Beer and Good Food

Never made it to the cemetary the other day. If you read my Surviving Cervical Cancer thread, you would know that I had started menstruating so it put things off for a few days.
On a lighter note, it is a beautiful spring day and the day before Easter. I will spend my day watering my herbs, hard boiling eggs and dying them, and make up a gourmet cheese and sausage platter for Bela and myself this evening. Bela went and bought my favorite beer, Velebitsko Tamno (dark beer) yesterday and this will be a good day to just open the windows, sit around the table talking, eating, and enjoying a few beers. And though we don't really celebrate Easter, he also bought me a chocolate bunny which will more than likely not make it through the night ;)

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