Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big Brother...all of them

once again, there will be repercussions for this post. But plain and simple, big brother is not entertainment.
this is the part where i would normally say, "i'm sorry, but...", but i won't. i'm not sorry. they place a handful of people in one house (mansion actually) for a few months and they all start whining about lack of privacy. i'm guessing that they are all "only children". i survived 18 years like that.
i grew up in a house with 4 sisters, foster kids (my parents were foster parents), and my mother was an in-home day care provider. you want to talk about lack of privacy?!
yes, i know they have cameras, but so did my parents...nothing like having your picture taken as soon as you wake up christmas morning. i think there are more pictures of all of us with dumb looks on our faces than us smiling. why? because we were caught off guard. and don't even get me started on the number of times my parents taped us when we were sleeping christmas eve night...good thing we wore pajamas.
and if that isn't reason enough to stop whining, then they should watch the show "The Waltons".
they too had no television or computer and it was mom, dad, grand mom, granddad, john boy, ben, mary ellen, erin, elizabeth, and jim bob, all in the same house. and they didn't even have a swimming pool or hot tub! i remember one particular episode when the walton family had a guest staying for a few days. john boy gathered some of his stuff together to go stay in the barn. yes, the barn...not the guesthouse. the following dialogue is the best:
guest: i don't want to kick you out of your bed john boy
john boy: oh, it's not my bed. i just sleep there when we don't have company

LOL.....enough said. he summed my entire childhood up in that one phrase:)

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